Suja Chandran 

Clay is a wonderful medium, it responds to your touch, let's you realise what is in your mind. It is forgiving when you change course, it is accepting when you try something new. It allows you to write your thoughts and views on it. This and many other life affirming reasons is why I like to create forms with clay. The form then has a way to tell a story that words cannot. 


It is now a few years that I have been interested in ceramic art. It's often through my travels and engaging with people and cultures that it comes alive. Often what I create are shapes & people that are bursting to get out of my mind to become a visual reality. 


The series I am working on is called 'Onlooker' - some onlookers are detached, some are envious, some are nurturing and some are appreciative. They seek life's meaning in creating and appreciating beauty. 



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