Skye Holland 

My recent work is a series of expressionistic and calligraphic mixed media panel works, drawings and prints. I use a myriad of mark-making techniques, engaging with the surface but also the spaces between marks, a pushing and pulling into the foreground and into the distance. There are fast marks which are both an expression of energy and delineation, a kind of writing or calligraphy. I often use interesting pigments and particles which catch the light or glitter and have an elemental or alchemic quality. I’m interested in the way nature uses chemicals and colour as signals or to attract attention; phosphorescence, iridescence, pulsing lights, energy. 


The panels are often in series or groups, running from left to right like a text, with a playful and unfolding narrative. I am very influenced by traditional decorative Japanese folding screens and Chinese watercolour painting as a way of describing landscape and poetic statements or stories about life. I incorporate some of these structures and ideas in my work in a ontemporary way – moving between the abstract and the figurative. Sometimes people will appear in my work – often solitary and interacting with space. This is sometimes autobiographical. Drawing figures from life has always been central to my art discipline. People interest me! 

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