Anna Bingham

“Making ceramics and drawings is like a process of meditation for me. Working with stoneware clay and ceramic oxides, I build and collage with coils and slabs of clay, the form is painted and altered; the work may be fired a number of times during this process until the shape and surface are right. 

A central theme for me is the rhythm of the natural world and its action on man-made elements in our surroundings. Recent forms appear weathered and bleached-out, the textures referring to metal, stone and corrosion - the sculptures are characterized by their monumentality and painterly surfaces. I see the vessel not only as a container for material but also as a space for thought and memory.” 

Anna Bingham 2018

Anna studied Fine Art Sculpture BA at Newcastle University subsequently completing the Fine Art Diploma in Contemporary Ceramics at the City Lit in London; her work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally. She makes ceramic vessels, wall panels and pieces for domestic use.

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