Richard Tomlin 

Richard studied graphics at Portsmouth College of Art graduating in 1969 and for the next 44 years practiced as a graphic designer in London. He ran a creative consultancy working for international brands and small businesses. Richard was fascinated by the people he met – their drive and optimism – to start and build companies. 


During 2013 he decided to refresh lost skills and an interest in drawing and painting. His fascination with people and the inspiration of the work of Lucian Freud, Andrew Wyeth, Tai Shan Schierenberg and Alison Lambert, amongst others, led him to focus on the human figure and portraiture. 


Richard’s work is the result of long periods of observation, the images gradually edging towards realisation. He works slowly and the larger the better. The discovery of charcoal has been a joy, black is one of the most important colours in his palette. His current work is focused on the search to express emotion – the inner life -through the image.