White Noise

What is White Noise?

This is a multi-sensory response to a world filled with omnipresent background noise, exploring notions such as seeing the unseen, zones of indiscernability and the indeterminate as as well as ideas surrounding the freedom of imagination to fill the void. White Noise creates an environment of serenity, equilibrium and calmness just steps away from one of London's busiest and noisiest traffic hotspots.

Works from artists practicing across a range of disciplines and media were selected for the exhibition at the Crypt Gallery; included are are works on paper, sculpture and ceramics, digital and video works, in a location recognised as an historic place of rest.

In physics White Noise describes a sound that contains every frequency within range of human hearing in equal amounts. In todays world of sensory overload, the term's meaning is no longer limited to monotonous low levels of sounds, White Noise also signifies a form of refuge- a sanctuary from the stresses of 21st Century cyber-life.

Who are White Noise Projects?

White Noise Projects are a group of emerging and mid career artists show casing carefully selected works through a programme of group and solo exhibitions.Focusing on current themes in artistic practice, White Noise Projects responds to exhibition spaces that challenge the ideas of the traditional white cube.

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