Goodbye Megan

This September we will be saying goodbye to fine art ceramist Megan Rowden, who is moving on from Hawks Road studios after 3 years.

Megan in her studio

Megan was one of the first artists to join the studios when they were newly set up in 2012 and moved here in the October.We caught up with her as she was finishing some work and starting to pack up of her small but very full studio.

Why did you join ASC studios at Hawks Road

I had just finished my MA at Kingston University and needed somewhere to really begin to focus on my practice as a fine art ceramicist. I was living in flat without a garden in West London and Hawks Road was within reasonable traveling distance.

Why are you leaving

The period at Hawks Road has been a very happy time, but now that I have a full time job as Programme Leader for Crafts at Richmond Community College I find I need to maximise any free time. I now have a house with a garden so it makes sense to use the space there.

What were your best moments

The first open studios in 2012 was the most enjoyable one. It was exciting to see what would happen and who would come along and and also to see all the other artists works and the variety of what people were doing.

What will you miss

small but very full studio

I will miss the opportunity to interact with people, to see what is going on. In my studio at home I will be very much on my own. I will miss Hawks Road a lot.

Has you work changed over the 3 years

Yes it has changed a lot, I have developed as an artist, I have got a better sense of what is going on, I am more professional.

We will all miss Megan too.

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