Ian Nash, Stace Hodgson 

Just Is Design are a family collaboration of uncle and niece, Ian Nash and Stace Hodgson, whose focus lies in the creation of leather goods with a heritage modern twist.  The culmination of this design pairs’ work is a range of leather goods under the design name NUWOLD that harks back to the past for inspiration but looks forward for solutions to modern functional requirements and simplicity of form. 


Their dream of collaborating came to fruition when Ian moved back to the UK in 2012 after 

years working in New York. His experience as a fashion designer and manufacturer and Stace’s training as a graphic artist and project manager gave them a broad set of skills from 

which to draw and thus their creative pairing began. They dedicate hours of development time to each piece ensuring a high quality finish and feel to each of their designs so creating items that gain character with use. They are ardent supporters of the re-manualization movement with their hand saddle stitched range of items and traditional leather makers machine stitched products. 


“When we look at a piece of old leather work we love,” say the designers. “each of us has our 

own idea of what makes it a classic, a shape, a detail, an aesthetic quality, but one thing undoubtedly links them all, the originators passion for what they were making and we strive to incorporate that as one of the vital ingredients in the feel of our work.” 


Ian and Stace share this design passion and each hand-crafted item shows a high regard for 

quality; a distinctive view point in design and a character that will grow with the pieces use over time. 


“We believe that historical research and traditional production techniques can be used to create new pieces with modern relevance and a connection to the item to invest in that makes you cherish it’s quality not quantity.” Say the designers. 


For the future their collaboration will branch out to further product ranges including, jewellery, ceramics and knitwear, building on their library of historical inspiration. 

purse simple open
key bell
Just Is Design
snap card holder
Just Is Design