Fiona Masterton

My art practice combines photographic digital montage and paint. I am interested in the relationship between painting and photography, the authorial and mechanical, reality and the imagination. I see patterns and rhythms in my photographic images and in the montages and marks I make digitally. I emulate and embellish these marks with paint to create numerous points of departure and a sense of flux between abstract and the figurative, the digital and the painterly. 

My subject matter can vary but I often respond to the ordinary, the overlooked and the mundane; the trappings of everyday, fleeting, ephemeral, seen out of the corner of one's eye , texture, beauty and ugliness packed together in a kind of urban collage.

Masterton_Fiona_Vietnamese Restaurant_edited
FionaMasterton - Falling
Masterton_Fiona_Unititled (1)
A day in Bordeaux
F Masterton - Blackberry bush_edited_edited